Vox Play NETGEAR Battleground Tournament

Vox Play Battlegrounds Launch
Vox Eminor is relighting the torch of the BattleGrounds legacy. SPUNJ's mastermind tournament format is being rebooted under the banner of Vox Play - BattleGrounds!

This time round NETGEAR are sponsoring the tournament with $500 in cold hard cash. In the spirit of BattleGrounds and its cut throat nature, this is a winner takes all event!

Tournament MVP Prize

The MVP as determined by the commentators for the battlegrounds series will receive a brand new NETGEAR R7000 Wifi router with an EX6200 Range Extender!!

With features such as:

AC1900 WiFi-600+1300 Mbps speeds
1GHz Dual Core Processor
Advanced features for lag-free gaming
Prioritized bandwidth for streaming videos or music
100% faster for mobile devices
Free PC backup software
NETGEAR genie App-Enjoy more of your connected home

You will be sure to game strong thanks to our friends for the VoxPlay Battlegrounds tournament NETGEAR!

Product Page: http://www.netgear.com.au/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R7000.aspx

Moving on! For those of you who aren't familiar with the format it is outlined below.

What BattleGrounds involves

4 weeks
4 Qualifiers
16 teams per qualifier
16 team single elimination bracket
Qualifier Point System
Playoff series
8 team final - best of 3 single elimination bracket

Here is a brief Introduction about how it all works.

Vox Play - BattleGrounds is a 4 week competition that see's the best of the best clash week in week out.

Format Concept

Over the 4 weeks of competition there will be 4 qualifiers as well as a playoff series. Each qualifier takes place over 2 days, A Tuesday and a Thursday. On these set days competitors do battle in a 16 team single elimination bracket. Rounds 1 and 2 will be played on the Tuesday night, while Thursday night matches will see Rounds 3, the Semi-Finals, and Round 4, the Grand Final take place. The first round on each respective night will commence at 7:30pm AEST with the second round starting at 8:30pm AEST.

8 teams will be invited to Qualifier #1, while the other 8 teams will be decided on by a first in best dressed signup system. If a team declines their invite it will trickle down to the signup pool. Teams will be seeded 1-16 and placed accordingly in the bracket.

Maps are predetermined and will be announced on the day of competition.

Throughout each qualifier teams will be fighting it out for points which will be used to determine who makes it to the playoff series. The point distribution will be the same for each qualifier. The breakdown is as follows;

1st 200 points
2nd 125 points
3rd 75 points
4th 50 points
5-8th 15 points
9th-16th 0 points

You will be able to follow all the action and updates at http://www.voxeminor.com/

Teams who are knocked out in the first round of a qualifier, thus not earning any points, will be sat out from the following weeks qualifier. Meanwhile the top 8 teams will be auto-birthed to the next qualifier and will be joined by 8 new teams.

At the end of the 4 qualifiers the top 8 teams determined by points earned will be eligible for the playoff series. This play off series will take place on Sunday the 1st of June. The playoffs will be best of 3, single elimination.

In the best of 3 playoff series the maps will be determined by a veto system. The high seed will veto 2 maps and the low seed will veto 1 map. Once the maps have been determined the high seed will pick the first map, the lo

w seed will pick the second map and the final map will be played third if required. This system will also be used for the best of 3 consolation final and the grand final. Prizes

1st - $500

As previously mentioned, Netgear are sponsoring the event with $500 in cash! Winner takes all.


http://au.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/483869/Tutorial-SetupInstall-EAC/ Map Pool



Teams are allowed a total of SEVEN members on their roster per season. FIVE of these players must be nominated as the 'core members' while The other TWO spots are allocated for substitutes. THREE out of the FIVE core members must play in every match. Failure to do so will result in the loss of any points earned throughout the qualifying period.

Teams will be permitted a total of 1 roster change per season. All teams are strongly advised to fill out their rosters.

All players are required to use EasyAntiCheat
All players are required to record POV demo's
Prize Pool
MVP Prizes