All good things must come to an end, and as the title states this is our official announcement that the Vox Eminor CS:GO team has been released from the organisation. From CS:GO’s inception in 2012, Vox Eminor has been the premier CS:GO team in the Oceanic Region and will end the same way it started.  

The organisation took massive strides in getting the Oceanic region on the map with a strong opening overseas campaign in China at MSI Beat It. From there the team never looked back attending four of the five majors .... read more

As our GFINITY event starts to wind down to a close with only the finals remaining we walk away with pride for our continued growth and development when it comes to tackling the EU scene. Its been a very long road but the team has slowly but surely continued to build on its results in big league matches.

At the GFINITY group stages yet again we improved on past performances amongst 3 very hard hitting teams NIP Fnatic and NA'VI and also Team Liquid from NA.

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The countdown is on as the guys move into the last week of preparations before they depart for London for the GFINITY Spring Masters II. 

The team has been churning through the maps getting our new comrade yam into his little niche and we are just about ready to depart. The team will be boot camping in London all week before the tournament to hammer out the flaws and get switched back into euro style CSGO.

It is with great pleasure that the team here at Vox Eminor can announce that we will be in attendance as competitors at the upcoming GFINITY Spring Masters II from May 15th-17th at the GFINITY esports arena in London.

We will join some of the best teams in the world at the tournament where we will look to continue to build on our past achievements and climb that ladder a little further as we head deeper into the major's season.

Only one day after announcing Kyran “dizzy” Crombie as our 6th, it’s now time to announce our 5th member of Vox Eminor which is none other than Yaman “yam” Ergenekon.

Yam is a player who needs no introduction, his credentials go all the way back to the glory days of 1.6 where he has played at CPL Singapore 2006, WCG 2008, 2010, 2011 and other International events like Intel Extreme Masters and MSi BEAT IT.

Vox Eminor would like to proudly announce the addition of Kyran "Dizzy" Crombie to our ranks as the 6th member of our CS:GO Roster.

Dizzy quickly rose through the ranks of the Australian CS:GO scene to find himself competing against the best teams online and on LAN for Chiefs E-Sports Club. Kyran found himself a free agent at a time when we required a player who could compete at the highest level for the remainder of our FACEIT League campaign.